Edibles are a much-loved method of cannabis consumption. Cannabinoids extracted from the plant can be added to an endless variety of foods: chocolate bars, cookies, gummies, and even savory snacks are readily available. Manufacturers have perfected their art, as many of these items have no noticeable difference in flavor from their non-cannabis versions. And for the cannabis-inspired chef, cannabutter can be used in just about any culinary application one could dream up.

The delicious allure of cannabis edibles is sometimes made out to be a cause for concern. But keep in mind that there are legal guidelines requiring edibles to be sold in childproof packaging. Commonsense measures should apply, as well – keep edibles away from children, pets, or anyone who might munch a tasty treat without checking the label. Don’t store your edibles in the kitchen or pantry where they can be mistaken for their button-down counterparts.

For the person interested in enjoying edibles themselves, here are some simple tips to ensure your first edible excursion is as smooth a ride as possible.

Use edibles in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Set aside time when you have no responsibilities, and will not be driving or operating heavy machinery.

Stay hydrated!

Have a buddy to check in on you.

Most importantly: check dosage guidelines carefully. If you are new to cannabis use and feel any apprehension about your first time, it may be best to take a smaller dose.

As cannabinoids take longer to reach the bloodstream through digestion than inhalation, you’ll want to wait at least 2 hours to feel the effects of your edibles, especially if you’ve had some food before ingesting. Never take another dose because you think it’s not working: be patient!

Easy, no? You can always give us a call if you have any more questions or concerns. Happy eating!

-James V.